About us

Since 1938

The Royal National Brotherhood of Transmission Troops & CIS & CT aims to:

  • Bring together anyone who has friendship ties with the TTr, CIS or CT weapon as well as anyone who serves or has served with the TTr, CIS or CT weapon.
  • To maintain and promote friendship and togetherness among its members, in a spirit of patriotism.
  • To be a liaison - and coordination body between TTr, CIS and CT fraternities, sections and circles of friends both at the regional level, and between existing or former active and reserve units.
  • Representing the TTr, CIS and CT family at key patriotic events, as well as at TTr Fraternities in neighbouring countries.
  • Honouring the memory of the departed
  • Support any initiative that seeks to defend the unity of Belgium.



Bingo & lunch for everyone

Management board

For the board members of the local
departments and Friends circles or
Fraternities of the TTR, CIS, CT


The Patron Saint of the CIS is celebrated once
a year by way of a
sports and cohesion day.

This year's activities

Aug 14

Barbecue for our members
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